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What are the Best Home Care Providers?

Whatarethe Best Homecareproviders

Key Summary

The best Home Care professionals are licensed, insured and have full background checks. With a professional team supporting you, you'll benefit from an agreed-upon, consistent, care schedule.

There are more than a few folks in need of a little extra help, who are able to remain living in their own homes for the time being, by taking advantage of Home Care.  

Just because Home Care is not necessarily “specialized”, it doesn’t mean that the quality of care received should be diminished. The best Home Care providers offer an excellent service to seniors, predominantly as a short-term solution. Day-to-day assistance, care, and related support over the long-term is usually offered at better value in a community-based setting, for example in an Assisted Living or Memory Care Community. If you’re new to researching senior care, you can find out more in our article “What is Home Care?”  

Once you’ve decided Home Care is right for you or your loved one, the next logical question is “What are the best Home Care Providers?” Here, we explore the qualities you should look for. You can also follow these guidelines to find a suitable Home Health Care provider, for specialized medical care administered in a home setting. 

What to Look for in Home Care Agencies 

Home Care agencies that employ quality professionals make sure their team members are licensed, have full background checks, are insured, and can be relied upon. While word-of-mouth advisories for some services are expected (“Hey! I know a guy...”), when it comes to senior care, it is not wise to work with independent individuals who aren’t technically professionals. Additionally—and this is a biggie—with a professional team supporting you, you'll benefit from an agreed-upon, consistent, care schedule.  

Home Care agencies are sought after because they ensure due diligence. And if you use an agency, make sure the agency itself is licensed and insured!  

If you choose to move to an Assisted Living Community instead, you are also paying for premium care, reliability, and security, which is why this is a popular alternative choice to Home Care.  

What Are the Best Qualities of Home Care Providers? 

Keep in mind that Home Care providers do not provide medical care. This is provided through Home Health Care services. However, Home Care services can be tailored specifically for each individual's needs.  

Available services might include: 

  • Assistance with the Activities of Daily Living (ADLs), including bathing, dressing, eating, moving about, or using the restroom. 
  • Assistance with mobility. 
  • Grocery shopping and meal preparation. 
  • Housekeeping and cleaning services, including laundry. 
  • Transportation to doctor's appointments, social activities, and more. 
  • Companionship, social engagement, and cognitive stimulation. 
  • Medication management (but not administration). 
  • Giving some well-deserved time away for family caregivers. 

In addition to contacting our team of counselors, seniors and caregivers can also find assistance by researching and reaching out to well-known and trusted organizations, such as the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP), Association of Mature American Citizens (AMAC), and other community organizations. The Better Business Bureau (BBB) is also a good resource for local recommendations.  

As a next step. review our article on what the best home care providers are.

Talk with a Senior Living Expert 

At some point in the future, you or your loved one may need to move to an Assisted Living or Memory Care Community. By seeking guidance from your Referah counselor team now, you can become familiar with our deep pool of resources to make the transition easier when the time comes.  

If the services of a Home Care or Home Health Care agency are no longer what you require, and you’re interested in learning about better value, longer term solutions or higher levels of care, get in touch with us and learn more about communities near you. 

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