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How Referah Works for You

At Referah, our mission is to build relationships so that we can best help you or your loved one find the perfect new home for a fulfilling lifestyle.

We can’t wait to get to know you – but first, here’s a little about how we’ll work together:

We Build Trusted Relationships

Starting your search for a senior living community can be overwhelming and should begin with a trusted relationship, not just an internet search or a standardized phone call.  

By building relationships, we provide unique, custom guidance tailored for every senior. Perhaps you’re ready to move to an Independent Living Community and are raring to go with a little insight from our agents, or you’re apprehensive about a big move into Assisted Living that you’ve been considering, but just aren’t sure about. It could also be time to plan for a move to a Memory Care Community, but what does that mean for your loved one? Lifestyle changes are always big decisions that require plenty of careful consideration and research. Whether you know what the right next step is for you, or you need some expert guidance, Referah’s Family Connection Agents are here to help.

The Family Connection Center is where relationships are made. When you get in touch with us, it’s the first step in your journey towards a lifestyle tailored to you. 

We Listen 

At no cost to you or your family, Referah Family Connection Agents listen to what is most important to you and provide the information you need to find your best senior living community fit. 

Perhaps you’re in the early stages of deciding whether a senior living community could be a good move for you or your loved one, and “Independent Living”, “Assisted Living” and “Memory Care” are all new terms to you. Maybe you already know what type of community you need, but you’re looking for the perfect place for you – the one that feels like home. Either way, we’re here to guide you. 

We Match You with the Perfect Senior Living Community

You can trust that we are sharing the most meaningful and accurate community information from our senior living partners. 

The fact that your family lives nearby, you love music, and have always wanted a space to grow vegetables are all relevant factors. We love to hear about what makes you, you! 

Referah partners with thousands of communities across the country, and we help you see all your options – but we don’t stop there, leaving you with countless properties to weed through. Our analytical approach means we suggest three communities best suited to you; your hand-picked selection will make finding the one so much easier. 

Connect with us today and start your search for health, home, and happiness!