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What are the Top Benefits of Assisted Living

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Key Summary

Assisted Living provides a sense of community, can improve mental health, and ensures you have the day-to-day care you need for a fulfilling lifestyle. Here, we explore more benefits.

Until recently, you didn’t have to think too much about Assisted Living, either for yourself or a loved one—but now you’re starting to consider this option. As you begin the process of research and exploration, we are going to help you understand and recognize the most important benefits of Assisted Living and how to search for these advantages in various communities. We’ll also talk a little bit about some of the things to look out for—such as ideas you might want to keep in mind or even avoid — when exploring Assisted Living.

Let’s start by taking a look at some of the primary advantages of Assisted Living.

The Social Benefits of Assisted Living

The social side of Assisted Living is key to wellbeing:

  • Assisted Living provides a sense of real community. Because of this, these locations are no longer called Assisted Living Facilities, but rather “Assisted Living Communities.”
  • Assisted Living can improve mental health. Seniors living alone and with limited contact with friends and loved ones can feel isolated and depressed.
  • Assisted Living Communities provide lively, dynamic and diverse activities, including the opportunity to explore new hobbies, enjoy group outings, fitness classes, book clubs, card tournaments, art and music classes, movie nights, communal gardens and social hours. It makes for a vibrant and active living experience.
  • Living in an Assisted Living Community, residents can enjoy the company of peers and also make connections with staffers who they will interact with on a daily basis.

The Physical and Medical Benefits of Assisted Living

Assisted Living makes day-to-day activities easier, and prioritizes medical needs and nutrition.

1. Assistance with Daily Activities

One of the primary reasons to move to an Assisted Living Community is to receive help with a variety of daily and basic essential activities, including but not limited to dressing, bathing, hygiene, managing a complex medication schedule, housekeeping and just getting around. These tasks can become an unmanageable burden for seniors living alone—but in an Assisted Living Community, there’s always someone on staff to help out and to ease the load. Not only does Assisted Living provide great physical and practical care, it provides emotional relief, as residents know there’s always someone around to provide professional, compassionate, consistent attention.

2. Medical Care

Assisted Living Communities offer on-site medical care and can adjust the level of attention through the stages of aging. Assisted Living offers a level of care for those that do not need constant medical attention but require some help from time to time. Also, these communities greatly minimize fall risks. Falls are the primary cause of fatal and non-fatal injuries in seniors; Assisted Living Communities are designed for safety, mobility and accessibility, with ramps, hallway hand railings, walk-in showers and raised toilets.

One of the most wonderful and important benefits of Assisted Living is that it offers seniors with early dementia and/or physical challenges to live a relatively independent life while still getting the care they need.

3. Food and Nutrition

A healthful, varied diet is always important, but never more so than when you’re a senior. Dealing with increased dietary restrictions and the physical toll of preparing meals every day can be a challenge. There’s also the social factor; when you live alone, you often eat alone, day in and day out. Assisted Living Communities prepare three complete meals a day for residents, and just as important, offer the chance for residents to enjoy their breakfast, lunch and dinner with others, making for a social experience.

The Family Benefits of Assisted Living

When you’re exploring Assisted Living as an option for yourself or a loved one, an important thing to consider is how much this decision will ease the burden and provide peace of mind for the potential resident and their families.

Knowing someone you love is being taken care of in a professional, friendly, supportive environment provides lasting peace of mind. New residents often experience a feeling of relief that they’re no longer depending so heavily on loved ones to look in on them and help them day to day. Relationships are often renewed, with a new sense of enjoyment in spending quality time together.

Other Things to Consider as You Search for the Top Benefits of Assisted Living.

It’s best to consider Assisted Living from every angle, including looking into all options and considering any downsides.

What are the Differences Between Assisted Living and Nursing Homes?

The biggest differences between these two options include the level of medical services provided and the living arrangements. Residents in an Assisted Living Community receive care when needed, sometimes called custodial care, but they can still perform many activities on their own or with limited assistance. Residents of Nursing Homes require constant, around-the-clock medical care and monitoring. They are living with more profound and complex health care conditions.

Are There Downsides to Assisted Living?

Assisted Living is often the best option, but there are a few things to consider when exploring this possibility:

  • Depending on the community, the costs can be a challenge to some.
  • If a potential resident is beginning to require specialized or more intensive care, they might require more attention than Assisted Living Communities can provide.
  • In some instances, seniors who are used to living alone might have some initial problems adjusting to a group setting where there are set policies and rules.

Find out more information about how to navigate challenges such as cost by viewing our article on “What Does Assisted Living Cost?”

Start a New Life with Assisted Living

As we’ve seen, Assisted Living Communities provide a myriad of advantages, from social to medical benefits, to peace of mind for residents and those who want only the best for those they love. Search for an Assisted Living Community near you, or in your preferred location, to learn more about the options available to you or your loved one.

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