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Your most pressing legal questions are answered. Discover the information all seniors and their families should know about legal documentation, responsibilities, and rights.

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What are the Differences in POA, MED POA, Guardianship, Living Will, Will, and DNR?

Just when you thought you had them all figured out. You’ve come to know and perhaps use dozens of specific acronyms, but along comes a whole new set that the industry you’re inquiring about uses casually, leaving your head spinning. In addition, some of the most often invoked abbreviations come from yet another discipline that has its own mystic language, as well: “Legalese.” You are beginning to get questions answered for yourself or your senior family member and need to determine the differences.

Welcome to “POA,” “MED POA,” “LW,” and a host of others. Take a deep breath and relax. For just a few minutes of your time, Referah will lay out all of the differences and our Family Connection Agents will explain each term so it’s easy to understand.

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