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What Services and Activities Does Independent Living Provide?

What Services And Activities Does Independent Living Main

Key Summary

Independent Living offers you the chance to live as you wish, to have new experiences, and spend time doing what you love. Here, we explore the activities and social benefits of Independent Living.

No matter your unique interests or passions, asking what services and activities are available with Independent Living will invariably be answered with “almost anything you need, can imagine or wish for.” The range of life-enhancing experiences that are available in many communities makes it possible for you to enjoy every day. This type of community offers the lifestyle its name suggests; here you will be independent. Free. Unconstrained. Unfettered. Social. And yes, joyful.

Independent Living Community Requirements

Seniors today have the ability to live as they wish, to have new experiences, and to continue to grow as people. The big difference between those in their own homes and those in Independent Living accommodations is that the latter are able to enjoy their lives without encumbrances. They no longer have the daily hassle of taking care of a traditional single-family house, condo, or apartment.

Additionally, those searching for Independent Living are seeking a sense of community, rather than professional care. They have the ability to make the most of independence and plan travel, vacations, and visits out of town without finding someone to house-sit, and without the need for comprehensive care similar to what is provided in an Assisted Living Community. You can learn more about the differences in our article “Independent Living vs. Other Senior Care Options”.

Many seniors have extensive plans, and Referah has a broad selection of communities where Independent Living can be personalized for every resident and their desires. If you are looking to generate a list of options for choosing your Independent Living location, you’ve come to the right place. The process can even be fun!

What Does an Independent Living Community Include?

While the term “Independent Living Community” is an overall classification, making the choice to move is based on much more than a blanket definition. At its core, an Independent Living Community is your new home. Here are a few things to look for, to find the right community for you.

Redefined, Upgraded Space

The choice to make the move almost invariably involves downsizing, but that doesn’t mean downgrading. The things that used to take up space in the basement, attic, and garage simply aren’t needed anymore. Nor is there a need for a formal dining room, elaborate kitchen, or numerous rooms that must be kept clean.

Residents of Independent Living Communities far prefer a small kitchenette to make coffee in the morning or a light meal. Other kitchen chores and meal preparation tasks simply vanish; professionals who remove hurdles so you can enjoy your time to the fullest, take these on. Some communities offer various dining options, from one meal a day to all three. It goes without saying (but we’ll say it anyway) that special dietary needs are met, and food far exceeds the quality you might imagine you’d receive in an institutional setting.

Concierge Services and Contemporary Activities

Housekeeping, transportation, and even concierge services are available, to help schedule anything from medical appointments to haircuts and tee times. Independent Living Communities also offer assistance with paying bills and sending dry cleaning out to a local business. You’ll also be able to develop connections with your contemporaries through social and physical activities. A healthy body enhances a sharp, active mind. Many communities offer swimming, water aerobics, exercise centers, walking trails, field trips, theater, and musical events staged at local cultural venues. Countless activities and events are provided to assure no moss even thinks about growing on these active rolling stones!

Extended Family

While a Referah counselor can assist seniors and their families as they gather information for this next major step in life, most often, it’s an in-person visit that shows how incredible it is to live in a community with like-minded seniors.

We’ve described Independent Living with a starter list of amenities that are available, but perhaps the most important feature is the sense of extended family that residents benefit from, as they make new, lasting connections. New residents are not only accepted into the group, but welcomed. While lifelong friendships remain in place, you’ll have an even larger group with which to share stories and take part in common interests. You’re also sure to enjoy spending time in small, close groups of friends.

Examples of activities that you might enjoy together include:

  • Gardening
  • Book clubs
  • In-house movies (yes, with popcorn)
  • Games and activities
  • Cocktail hour
  • More!

Simply because life changes, doesn’t mean it can’t—or won’t — be fun. In fact, there are a wide variety of reasons why seniors choose certain Independent Living properties. You can learn more in our article “What are the Best Independent Living Communities?

Find an Independent Living Community Near You

By spending time with an experienced Referah counselor, seniors can generate a realistic list of qualities and features that are top-of-mind requirements for their new home, and then expand on it. We proudly provide guidance for prospective residents, helping them find the perfect Independent Living Community that meets their needs and gives them the opportunity to have outstanding experiences. Ready to get started? Find a local Independent Living Community today!

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