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Top Medication Reminder Apps for Android and Apple

Top Medication reminder apps for Android and Apple

Key Summary

There are many top-rated medication apps available for Android and Apple phones, plus reminder setting alternatives like Google Assistant and Siri. Learn more.

When life gets busy, it may be challenging to remember to take medications, order prescription refills, and keep track of doctor appointments. If you or your senior loved one forgets to take medicine on time, setting medication reminders through a phone application can be a lifesaver.

Fortunately, Android and Apple phones offer various medication tracker apps to keep you on track. From sending you daily notification reminders to categorizing your medication information. Some offer more customizable features such as symptom tracking, reports and insights, simple and easy-to-use interfaces, and more. This article will discuss the best medication reminder apps for Android and iPhone and alternative reminder settings like Google Assistant and Siri.

Beneficial Features of Medication Reminder Apps

Finding the perfect medication reminder app, also known as a medication adherence app, will depend on its functionality. Some apps are simply meant for basic medication reminders, while others are feature-rich. Some medication reminder apps have highlighted features such as:

  • User-friendly designs.
  • Drug interaction warnings.
  • Prescription refill reminders.
  • Doctor appointment reminders.
  • Tracking vital signs, such as blood pressure, weight, blood sugar, etc.
  • Digital medication progress reports that be shared with caregivers and medical providers.

Best Medication Reminder Apps for Android

Nearly unanimously, the top-rated medication reminder app for Android is the MedPlan app, which provides medication reminders and offers healthy lifestyle tips. MedPlan is free for Android but not available for iOS. Its features include monthly medical reports, health monitoring services for tracking weight, blood pressure, blood sugar levels, health news, and more.

Another favorite is the Medisafe medication reminder app which is compatible with Android and iPhone. The basic app is free; however, the premium version costs $39.99 annually. Some highlights for the Medisafe app include customizable medication reminders, an appointment calendar for doctor’s visits, and helpful tracking options for conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, etc. It also connects with your Android wearables.

Can Google Assistant Remind me to Take Medication? 

If you only want daily reminders without the other features on a medication reminder app, set up daily notifications through your Google Assistant. To do so, say something such as "Hey Google, set a repeating reminder," and follow the prompts. Note that you will need to set two reminders if you need to take medication in both the morning and evening.

Best Medication Reminder Apps for iPhone

There are many iPhone medication reminder apps available on the App Store. An iOS favorite is MedManage, which is free for iPhone but not available for Android. Its features include custom medication lists, schedules, and pill reminder alarms. Also, with MedManage's cloud system, you can create a digital log of your medication intake and share it with your healthcare providers to help them manage your care better.

Another popular medication tracker is the free RoundHealth app, available for iOS but not Android. It is a top contender for seniors because of its praised easy-to-use and straightforward design and features, including pill reminders, a calendar for pill tracking, and refill reminders.

Can Siri Remind You to Take Medicine? 

An easy-to-use function is to set up recurring reminders using Siri. You can do so by saying, "Hey Siri, remind me to take my pill every day at 2 PM." Again, similar to Google Assistant, you will need to set up separate reminders if you take your medication twice a day. This method will not remind you about medication refills or provide information about your medicines.

Technology can be a partner in the challenges of senior living. Luckily, mobile apps are only a small part of the smart home devices now available to seniors.

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Find Senior Care Near You 

Take the stress out of remembering to take your medication with the latest pill reminder apps for Android and iOS phones. Take your medicines on a customizable schedule that fits your needs. Review the functionality and features of the medication app you are interested in to determine which will work best for you or your loved one.

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