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How to Transfer a Parent from an Out-of-State Skilled Nursing Facility

How to Transfer a Parent From an Out of State Skilled Nursing Facility

Key Summary

Moving from an out-of-state Skilled Nursing Facility can be a lengthy process; this step-by-step guide will help your move be easy and manageable.

There are many reasons someone may need to transfer from an out-of-state Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF), from wanting to be closer to family so they can visit more often or perhaps you need the necessary care offered in a different community. No matter the reason, when moving a resident from one SNF to another facility in another state, there are several steps to follow.  

Suppose you or a loved one considers transferring to another state’s Skilled Nursing Facility. In that case, you will want to plan and coordinate your move with both communities involved carefully, as such a move can have financial, legal, and medical implications. In this article, we will discuss what steps to take when moving a resident to another state, state-to-state transfer rules, and changing senior living communities on Medicaid. 

Step-by-Step Guide to Moving to an Out-of-State Skilled Nursing Facility  

Below is a suggested step-by-step guideline to help you or your loved one through the moving process. When moving a resident from one SNF to another, proper documentation will be necessary, along with communicating with facilities and their resident doctors, insurance companies, and more. 

Choose A Nursing Facility 

First, you will want to research Skilled Nursing Facilities in the area you want to live. Find out about the care services they provide and if they meet your needs. Ask the staff about their services, care, and amenities, including staff ratio, health, and safety standards. (If you are interested in hearing about the available services, including preventing UTIs for seniors, read our next article, "How to Prevent UTIs in the Elderly”.) 

Apply to the Out-of-State SNF 

Then you will need to ask your current Skilled Nursing Faculties’ admission staff to send a Patient Review Instrument (PRI) to your selected nursing facility to which you want to move. A PRI summarizes the resident’s current condition and healthcare needs and is a standard medical assessment tool for senior communities. The new facility you wish to transfer to will have to evaluate your PRI to determine if they can meet your care and service needs and if they have the capacity for new residents. 

Transfer All Insurance Policies 

Once the new Skilled Nursing Facility has accepted your application to become a new resident, you will want to tell your insurance providers about your upcoming move. Many nationwide insurance providers and Medicare will allow you to transfer coverage to a different state without a problem. And if you have secondary insurance (usually to cover what Medicare does not), move your coverage plan to the new state. 

Changing Skilled Nursing Facilities on Medicaid  

Medicaid, a federal program managed by individual states, is not as easy to transfer when you want to move to a different state. While you may be eligible for Medicaid in your current state, the new state may have other eligibility requirements. You must apply immediately to your new state's Medicaid program once your desired SNF application is accepted. 

Also, it is essential to note that you will have to cancel your current Medicaid coverage before applying to a new state, or you will be denied (because you cannot be eligible for Medicaid in two states simultaneously). The new Medicaid application can take up to 90 days (about 3 months) to be approved; however, coverage is retroactive to the date of application. 

Moving Into a New Senior Living Community 

Finally, you will want to coordinate your move with both Skilled Nursing Facilities. They will be able to help you move your belongings, transfer healthcare information, schedule your transportation, and more.  

Find Senior Care Near You 

Fortunately, it is possible to move from one Skilled Nursing Facility to another in a different state for whatever reason you deem necessary. By carefully following each step in the guide above, you will be able to enjoy your new senior community in no time. 

Senior care communities offer 24/7 care and compassionate staff to meet your needs. Let Referah's team of experts help you with the process, who work directly with seniors, their families, and (by extension) medical advisors to identify the best forms of support. Talk to one of our experts about finding professional care for your loved one today. 

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