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Faith-Based Senior Living Communities

Faith Based Senior Living Communities

Key Summary

Explore the advantages of faith-based senior living communities to determine if this type of setting is right for you.

When considering the right senior living community, many factors come into play. You’ll consider the monthly cost, the level of care provided, the support structure, the quality of staff, social activities, security and more. 

For millions of Americans, there’s another key element when choosing a senior living community—and that’s faith. If you’re someone who considers spirituality to be an integral part of your daily life, that certainly isn’t going to change when you reach retirement age and you start thinking about moving to a senior living community. (If anything, faith often plays a larger role in one’s life as one gets older.) In this article, we are going to look at some of the advantages of living in a faith-based senior living community for those that are considering this option, and we’ll list some of the most common types of faith-based senior care properties. 

What Role Should Faith Play in Selecting Senior Care? 

This is not an effort to persuade anyone to choose a faith-based senior living community. It’s up to you whether this is an important factor in your decision-making process. Even if you are a person of faith, you might prefer to stay in a community where faith is not a primary element, and simply continue to attend services and participate in activities at your regular place of worship. 

If you ARE a religious or spiritual person and you want to ensure your faith will be an important part of your daily life, a faith-based senior living community could be perfect for you. 

There are many different types of faith-based senior living communities, but it always means a particular property is associated with a certain religion. Often, faith-based senior living communities are run as not-for-profits. They offer religious and spiritual services for residents—but these activities are strictly voluntary. You might want to join a faith-based senior living community because it is a respected, well-run, accredited location that provides wonderful care and services. 

Advantages of Faith-Based Senior Living Communities 

For the religious and spiritual resident, a faith-based senior living community can provide comfort and consistency in a number of ways: 

Shared Values 

Retirement communities of all kinds often offer worship services, pastoral visits, study groups, etc., but in faith-based senior living communities, religious beliefs are a core principle in daily life. Many residents find solace in sharing time and similar beliefs with fellow residents and staffers. 

A Sense of Community and Belonging 

Many seniors suffer from a feeling of disconnect and isolation. It can be quite a change to move from a home in which you’ve lived for decades to a new community. Faith-based senior living communities provide an instant and lasting sense of connection and belonging, as you’ll immediately be surrounded by residents who have something deeply important in common with you: your faith. 

Support in a Time of Transition 

In that same vein, seniors often experience bouts of sadness, uncertainty and even fear when moving from their longtime home into a new community. This often strengthens their ties with their particular faith, as they turn to spirituality for comfort. In a faith-based senior living community, you’ll be able to share your feelings and talk with others who share your beliefs. 

All-Inclusive Atmosphere 

Faith-based senior living communities are often associated with a specific religion—Catholic, Lutheran, Jewish, Methodist, etc.—but you won’t necessarily have to be a practicing member of that faith to join the community. Many faith-based communities welcome seniors from ALL religions, as well as those who don’t have a religious affiliation and may be agnostic or atheist. 

More Opportunities to Get Involved 

Virtually every type of senior living community offers social activities and outings, but with a faith-based senior living community, you’ll also have the opportunity to participate in regular worship services; prayer groups; specific holiday celebrations; Bible studies; choirs; and many other activities. 

Types of Faith-Based Senior Living Communities 

  • Christian Senior Living Communities 
  • Catholic Senior Living Communities 
  • Lutheran Senior Living Communities 
  • Jewish Senior Living Communities 
  • Buddhist Senior Living Communities 
  • Muslim Senior Living Communities 
  • Sikh Senior Living Communities 
  • Presbyterian Senior Living Communities 
  • Adventist Senior Living Communities 
  • Methodist Senior Living Communities 
  • Quaker Senior Living Communities 
  • Baptist Senior Living Communities 
  • Jehovah’s Witness Senior Living Communities 
  • Non-Denominational Senior Living Communities 

Our team has information on a wide range of faith-based senior living communities, including where to find such properties in your area, and what services they provide. We can also help you with advice on improving the quality of life for seniors.

There are many beliefs that can affect which community you feel most at home in, including your beliefs around vaccines. Learn more in our article “Can Nursing Homes Require COVID Vaccines for Residents?” 

Find the Faith-Based Senior Living Community for You! 

Finding the right faith-based community can transform your life, and help you feel more connected, safe, and peaceful.  

Our team of Referah Family Connection Agents are experts in finding senior living communities to fit individual needs. We’ll comb through thousands of properties to find the ones that feel like home to you. Get in touch with our team today!

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